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Karen Fletcher

Have donations for our garage sale? Please call Lion Ginny to arrange pick up 360.678.4105

MD19-District H-Zone 7
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contact us at
PO Box 473
Coupeville, WA 98239

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Emptying the barns to take to the school for this year's big garage sale The joy of unpacking and organizing this year's treasures
Linens are just one of the many things we have for your home

For a year we have been collecting donations for the upcoming garage sale. What treasures will be waiting for you to discover? Please mark your 2017 calendar for the next Gigantic Garage Sale.

Dates to remember for 2017 Garage Sale
July 1 & 2, 2017 for this year's Huge Garage Sale!
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GARAGE SALE UPDATE: The public may bring donations to the school on June 26 & 27 (Mon. & Tues.) during normal Garage Sale working hours. Such donations are subject to acceptance by a Lion, conformance with GUIDELINES FOR DONATIONS and space availability.

The 2017 Garage sale will be on
with the preview on June 30, 2017
Public drop offs are welcome
Monday thru Wednesday
New dates to save: 2017 Garage Sale 101 (for new members and other volunteers helping)
June 8Thursday10:30 am-11:30am,
Ryans House meeting room, Hwy 20 across from Main Street Colision

2017 Garage Sale Kickoff Leads meeting,
June 15Thursday6pm-7pm, Coupeville Library meeting room

Garage Sale work dates are:

The major source of recurring income for the Coupeville Lions Foundation is derived from the annual “Garage Sale”. Income from this sale helps support a wide variety of local services including Boy Scouts, scholarships, food bank, senior services, parks, youth coalition, sports, learn-to-swim, sight and hearing, medical equipment, Camp Horizon and others. Every dollar realized from the sale of donated items goes to make our community a better place.

To get the best return from donations and the tremendous effort put into the sale by Lions and other great volunteers 2016 guidelines and good judgment need to be applied when accepting donations.

• We can’t take everything. Sorry, we’ll say it again…we can’t take everything.
• Great quality may make an item sale-able even if it’s on the “don’t take” list. Good judgment is the key!

We are attempting to offer quality items at very reasonable prices to our friends and neighbors, those in need as well as bargain hunters. Your donations are important to our ability to support various community and international Lions programs and supported charities.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…Remember, we’re all in this together, and our only wish is to SERVE our communities. Donations must be accepted by a Lion! The public is not welcome to just drop stuff off…sorry, we don’t have a drop-off. A Lion will be happy to pick up the item from your home, really, your donation is that important to us!

Please call 360-678-4105 to learn more about donations


We seek good donations. We need them!  Please be aware that we are grateful for the support of quality donations but we can’t use everything.


Art (paintings, prints, photos, glass art, sculpture & frames, etc.)
Appliances-large (washers, driers, stoves, cooktops & refrigerators, etc.)
Appliances-small (irons, coffee makers, ice cream makers, mixers & blenders, etc.)
Audio Visual Equipment (flat screen TVs, DVD players & compact speakers)
BBQ Grills & Smokers (must be clean)
Bicycles (must work & have little or no rust)
Boats & Boating Gear (canoes, kayaks, dinghies, inflatable kayaks and dinghies, runabouts, sailboats, sailboards, outboard motors, PFDs, paddles, anchors, fenders & trailers, etc.)
Books (except textbooks, old computer books and encyclopedias)
Book Ends (the common types made of sheet metal)
Building Materials (no trash or junk)
Cabinets (good quality units adaptable to garage or storage uses are OK; those with sinks or other fixtures seldom fit different room layouts & often become trash)
Camping Equipment
CDs, DVDs & Records
Chain Saws
Cookware (pots, pans, skillets, cookie sheets, crocks, knives & utensils, etc.)
Doors (pre-hung and good quality entry doors only)
Exercise Equipment (free weights & stationary bicycles only)
Fishing Gear (rods, reels, line, weights, nets & waders, etc.)
Furniture (except very large or heavy pieces & items on the “Don’t Take” list)
Hardware (no worn out or badly rusted tools or junk)
Holiday Decorations (except large artificial Christmas trees and decorations or light strings that are made with mini-lights, which tend to be unreliable)
Household Items (vases, ceramics, plastic items, candles, wood crafts & knick-knacks, etc.)
Jewelry Lamps & Lighting Fixtures
Linens (clean fabrics, sheets, blankets, bedspreads, towels, curtains & drapes, etc.) Luggage (hard & soft pieces, backpacks, totes & handbags. etc.)
Medical Equipment (only good wheelchairs and power chairs now being accepted)
Musical Instruments (includes keyboards but no heavy pianos or organs)
Outdoor Play Equipment (swimming pools, kids play structures & swings, etc.)
Patio Furniture
Pet Equipment (dog & cat carriers, hall gates & leashes, etc.
Photo Equipment (digital cameras, tripods, camera bags, etc.)
Rollerblades (no roller-skates)
Rugs & Carpets (must be clean - no pet hair, stains or odors)
Sewing Machines (must be in working condition)
Silverware (tableware & serving pieces)
Skateboards-Snowboards (no skis, boots or poles)
Stuffed Animal “Dolls” (6”-12” tall, clean & in perfect condition, for donation to the Whidbey Island Kite Festival for the kids’ Teddy Bear Parachute Drop)
Tableware (dishes, plates, cups, glasses, stemware, bowels, pitchers & trays, etc.)
Tools (both hand & power tools, but no badly rusted or junk)
Toys (including puzzle & games)
Typewriters (antique manual types only; no electric typewriters)
Vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, tractors & trailers, etc.)
Yard & Garden Equipment (power lawnmowers, riding lawnmowers, tillers, chippers, weed eaters, hoses, rakes, shovels, trimmers, shears & flower pots, etc)

In general Lions can’t sell the following please we do not accept:

This is a list of things that don't sell, so we will not accept them

Air Purifiers
Appliances (items that are dirty, rusty, damaged or don’t work; others are OK)
Bathroom Fixtures (cabinets, sinks, tubs, toilets & plumbing that’s in poor condition; good claw-foot tubs are OK)
Batteries (after storage, we can’t assure their condition at time of garage sale)
BBQ Grills & Smokers (dirty, rusty, have missing parts or don’t work)
Books (textbooks, old computer books & encyclopedias)
Bowling Balls
Cameras (film types)
Cabinets (units made of particle board & those in poor condition or with sinks or other fixtures that are unlikely to be adaptable to different bathroom or kitchen layouts)
Childs’ Car Seats (those that don’t meet current safety standards; if doubt remains after checking product label, don’t take item)
Cribs & Playpens (those with “guillotine” type drop sides that a child could release; if in doubt, we don't take item)
Christmas Trees & Strings or Decorations Made of Mini-lights (large artificial trees don’t sell well & mini-lights often have burned out bulbs that are too time consuming to repair for very little return; other ornaments are OK)
Clothing, Shoes & Hats
Computers, Printers & Copy Machines (we don’t have the resources to verify the age & the condition of both the hardware or the software)
Exercise Equipment (treadmills, Nordic racks, stair climbers, rowing machines &
various types of weight machines, etc.; only free weights & stationary bicycles now being accepted)
Firearms, Air Guns & Ammunition (for safety & legal reasons)
Food & Beverages (no edibles)
Furniture (heavy sofa-beds; large steel desks; heavy entertainment centers for big tube-type TVs; large modular office systems that require assembly for customer viewing & disassembly for moving; items with dirty, torn or excessively worn upholstery; mattresses, cushions & pillows that have stains, pet hairs or odors; furniture & shelves made of particle board & items that are broken or have missing parts - except that antiques worthy of restoration are OK )
Glass Doors (heavy sliding patio doors)
Hair Driers & Curling Irons
Hazardous Materials (flammable liquids & poisons, etc.; unopened motor oil is OK)
Hot Tubs (too large & heavy)
Magazines (all types)
Medical Equipment (canes, crutches, walkers, hospital beds, tub & toilet risers, foot soaking tubs, massagers, braces, etc.; only wheelchairs & high-quality working power chairs with good batteries are being accepted now - note that a set of new batteries costs about what we can sell a good power chair for)
Paint & Stain (minimize on-site vandalism)
Pianos & Organs (heavy uprights and any that require special equipment or more
than 2 Lions to move; baby grands OK with approval of garage sale chairperson)
Power Tools & Equipment (those in poor condition, have missing parts or damaged
cords or don’t work)
Skis, Ski Boots, Ski Poles & Roller-skates (good rollerblades, skateboards &
snowboards are OK)
Speakers (unless they are the compact type, which are OK)
Steel & Other Kinds of Scrap Metal
Steel Bed Frames (unless headboards & footboards are included)
Wheels, Tires & Chains (all car, truck & tractor types)
Windows (large or heavy types)
Wood-Burning Fireplaces & Stoves (too heavy or don’t use outdoor combustion air)


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